Codeceptjs-BDD Releases for @codeceptjs-configure & @codeceptjs-saucelabs


  • Run Chrome Headless thru --profile chrome:headless
  • Disabled Chrome Notifications



  • Set ScreenResolution for the Selenoid Grid. If your Selenoid Grid renders the Tablet size browsers than you can set Screen Resolution as shown below. The default Scren Resolution is desktop size.

SCREEN_RESOLUTION - the default resolution is 1280x1024x24 (desktop size)


  • Exclusive Shadow DOM support for WebDriver. More info on support. Checkout the example on Github here.
  • Automatic selection of Driver based on the --profile CLI option e.g. if you pass a --profile device:'iPhone 11':safari then framework will switch to Playwright automatically

    e.g. if you pass a --profile sauce:config:'Windows 10':chrome:80 then framework will switch to Webdriver automatically.

  • CodeceptJS 3 Upgrade
  • Typescript support. More info on typescript setup
  • Runs on Selenoid. More info on how to run on Selenoid
$ yarn acceptance --profile selenoid:chrome:80
  • Run on any Saucelabs Platform configuration. More info
$ yarn acceptance --profile sauce:config:'Windows 10':chrome:80
  • Run on Mobile Devices on Playwright. More info
$ yarn acceptance --profile device:'iPhone 11':safari

5.2.1 (AUG-30-2020)

  • Feature:

    • Test Washer for CI

      yarn acceptance:washer <--grep required scenarios>

5.2.0 (AUG-30-2020)

  • Feature:

    • Now, run your tests on Appium on SauceLabs - Mobile Browsers. Only WebDriver Supported.

Pass your profile with sauce:appium:<mobile-browser-profile>

  yarn acceptance --profile sauce:appium:androidchrome

  yarn acceptance --profile sauce:appium:iphonesafari

You can add more user-specific browsers in your config

  • Run your Playwright tests on Mobile Devices. Only Playwright Supported.

Pass your profile with device:<device-name>:<browser-name>

  yarn acceptance --profile device:'iPhone 11 pro':safari
  yarn acceptance --profile device:'Pixel 2':chrome

More devices are available here

5.1.1 (MAY-27-2020)

  • Fix Parallel issue with SauceLabs for Workers
  DRIVER=webdriver yarn acceptance:parallel --profile sauce:chrome
  • CircleCI runs more tests for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Run in Parallel foe each commit

5.0.6 (MAY-20-2020)

  • Playwright Parallel Support By default, yarn acceptance:parallel commands will run 3 suites in parallel. You can add more threads by editing the number.
  "acceptance:parallel": "npx codeceptjs run-workers --suites 10",

You can also run all the scenarios in parallel with below script

  "acceptance:parallel": "npx codeceptjs run-workers 10",
  • Add SHOW mode for Playwright browsers - Show the running Playwright Browsers
DRIVER=playwright SHOW=true yarn acceptance
  • Update CLI to update the Name of the Tests Project

5.0.5 (MAY-19-2020)

  • "npx create-codeceptjs-bdd-tests" will now create npm script to launch HTML report

To Launch Report,

$ yarn acceptance:report
  • Check included to verify if config/ file exists.

5.0.4 (MAY-12-2020)

  • Add Mocha-styled acceptance scenario support
  • Add Documentations about Writing Mocha-styled scenarios along with BDD-features


  • Simplify the Configuration. Introducing Developer's Configuration

    • Add .defaults config: Contains all default Test Properties across all environments
    • Add .secrets config: Contains all sensitive information such as Secrets, Password, Username and will not be committed to the source control. More info
  • Automatically injects Page Objects to the tests. More info

    • Before: User needs to add Page Object to the Config file each time new Page Object is created
    • Now: No need to add it to Config file manually. Framework scans all the Page Objects, create Dependency Injections
  • New Look to Codeceptjs-BDD CLI
  • Created the Binary to create the BDD Tests. Now, you do not need to Clone the repo but simply run the below command to setup the Tests. More info
  • Update docs and add link to New Releases
$ npx create-codeceptjs-bdd-tests
  • Fix minimist security violation in the package


  • Run with Microsoft Playwrite. More info
  • Support for WebComponents & Shadow DOM.
  • Salesforce LWC (Lighting Web Components) E2E Example . More info
  • Add Playwright tests to Travis CI
  • No need to add Steps to Config File, the Framework will scan all .steps.js files, creates dynamic array and will attach to Config at runtime.

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