Quick Start

CLI to create-codeceptjs-bdd-tests

🖥 Interactive CLI

To create your Codeceptjs BDD Tests in Typescript, use the open source create-codeceptjs-bdd-tests tool.

🚀 Quick Setup your framework

⚠ prerequisite Installation Guide.

Optional: If you are looking to Colocate your Acceptance Tests with your Source Code repository then cd <to-your-source-code-repository-folder> before running below step. This step is optional, the CLI will ask to provide the path you want to create the Codeceptjs-BDD tests.

The below command will create the CodeceptjsBDD tests in Typescript/Javascript.

$ npx create-codeceptjs-bdd-tests

🎥 Watch Quick Setup in Action

➤ About CLI

The CLI,

  1. Creates a Codeceptjs BDD Framework for your App
  2. Automatically updates your package.json with all required dependencies.
  3. Installs all dependencies as part of setup process
  4. Adds Master Configuration
  5. Configures Sauce Labs (optional)
  6. Runs existing Sample BDD Feature Files to test your setup

This Framework comes with the Sample BDD Feature files with examples. Please follow through the Examples to create your own Feature Files & Scenarios.

💯Follow the instructions on CLI. Once done, you're ready to start writing automated Feature files for your app 🎉