E2E Automation of Webcomponents

Simplified Locators for Shadow Roots for both Webdriver & Playwright

⭐️ Complete Example of WebComponents (shadow elements) E2E Tests with WebDriver & Playwright is available on github: webcomponents-playwright-webdriver-example

☁︎ Automate Salesforce Lighting Web Components

💯 ADVANTAGE: The framework provides the Shadow Locators equivalent to Document.querySelector for Webdriver.

🚀 This framework adds the Explicit Support for WebDriver too.


The complete example of E2E Tests for WebComponents (shadow-roots) is available on Github,


Simplified Locator to locate the Shadow Element (no DOM Hierarchy is required),

I.fillField('recipe-hello-binding input', 'hello');


💁‍♂️ About LWC

Lightning Web Components is open source by Salesforce, empowering you to explore the source code, customize the behavior for your needs, and build enterprise-ready web components on any platform, not just Salesforce.

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