Run Parallel on Multiple Browsers

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🌀 Run Parallel on Multiple Browsers

Codeceptjs-BDD can run your tests on Multiple Browsers, including multiple versions of same browser or different browsers on different OS on Sauce Labs. Multiple Browsers executions give your test suites a broader test-execution-coverage.

Can I run my all scenarios on Multiple Browsers but all in Parallel? Yes. You can run all Scenarios in Parallel. If you have 100 scenarios, and if you want to cover three different browsers, e.g. Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, then Codeceptjs-BDD will trigger 300 concurrent threads that all run in Parallel on all three defined browsers.

🎥 Watch in Action

How to run Scenarios Parallel on Multiple Browsers?

Codeceptjs-BDD implements the scripts and commands to run tests on Multiple Browsers in Parallel. You can pass your choices of browsers as comma separated values to the --profile command

    $ yarn acceptance:parallel:multibrowsers --profile sauce:<browser1,browser2...>

Complete Example

Below command runs @login tag on Chrome,Firefox,Safari browsers, all in Parallel

    $ yarn acceptance:parallel:multibrowsers --profile sauce:chrome,firefox,safari --grep @login

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