Sauce Labs

Execute BDD Scenarios on Sauce Labs

⚡️ Sauce Labs

Codeceptjs-BDD framework integrates the cloud based platform Sauce Labs to execute scenarios on 900+ Desktop/Mobile browses, OS & Devices combinations, providing Greater Scenarios Execution Coverage.


Export these environment variables through your ZSH or BASH profile or define in your config/ file.

    export SAUCE_USERNAME=<your_sauce_username>
    export SAUCE_KEY=<your_sauce_accesskey>

🏃 Run Scenarios on Sauce Labs

Codeceptjs-BDD implements the quick way to run your tests on Sauce Labs. Please note the sauce: in the below command, which does the magic running your tests on Sauce. Get your Sauce Labs Platform configurations from here, and pass it thru the CLI,

 $ yarn acceptance --profile sauce:config:'<OS>':<browser>:<version>

e.g. $ yarn acceptance --profile sauce:config:'Windows 10':MicrosoftEdge:80

To run with default CodeceptJS BDD configurations,

$ yarn acceptance --profile sauce:chrome|firefox|safari|...

Sauce Connect

To connect with active Sauce Tunnel, pass param SAUCE_TUNNEL_NAME,

$ SAUCE_TUNNEL_NAME=<tunnel-name> yarn acceptance --profile sauce:config:'<OS>':<browser>:<version>

🎥 Watch in Action

📋 Sauce Labs Dashboard

Dashboard is the great way group your scenarios/regression suites on Sauce platform. The Sauce Dashboard is the first page you'll see when you log into the Sauce Labs web interface. Each link on Dashboard contains group of tests ran for the particular build.

Codeceptjs-BDD will automatically create an Unique dashboard for every tests run.

Can I Customize my Dashboard Title? Yes, you can do that too by by providing SAUCE_BUILD environment variable. This is sometimes very helpful to view how many and what tests ran for which release build.

Below command will create unique dashboard on sauce with title release-1.0-{random-unique-number}

    SAUCE_BUILD=release-1.0 yarn acceptance --profile sauce:chrome

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