Integration Tests - Mocha

Write Mocha-styled classical acceptance scenarios along with BDD Features

Integration tests should test the UI components integration, either with manual mocks or with the API Recordings/Replay mocks mode. In general, Integration tests should run headless in the developer environment.

Codeceptjs-BDD offers the Playwright integration tests to write the Integration tests. The recommendation is to have the Mocha-styled tests for the integration that runs on Playwright Headless.

🚀 Mocha-styled scenarios along with BDD Features

Codeceptjs-BDD provides a directory called acceptance/__specs__, where you usually write your mocha-styled tests but you can change the location as required. It won't affect your configuration.

Run with,

// on browsers
$ yarn test:integration --profile playwright:chrome

// on mobile/tablets
$ yarn test:integration --profile device:'iPhone 11':safari

Naming convention

The mocha-style tests should have extension *.spec.js for default configuration to pick up and run the tests. However, if you decide to change the extension, e.g. to *.test.js, then you can definitely do so by updating your Projects root configuration.

By default, the CLI will create the folder named __specs__.


// acceptance/__tests__/login.spec.js


/* BEFORE */
Before(I => {
  // or Background

Scenario('Fred logs in successfully', I => {
  // login and assertions

Scenario('Fred cannot login with invalid credentials', I => {
  // login and assertions

Scenario('Fred sees captcha for consecutive invalid attempts to login', I => {
  // login and assertions